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Updated: 16 Oct, 23


Welcome to LeanSmartToys.com, your trusted source for information about educational toys. Before you explore our website, please read these terms and conditions carefully.

1. Informational Website

LeanSmartToys.com is an informational website dedicated to sharing knowledge and insights about educational toys. While we aim to offer valuable information, we do not provide professional advice or recommendations. The content on this website is intended for informational purposes only.

2. Intellectual Property

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3. Use of the Website / User Conduct

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4. Sources of Information

The content on LeanSmartToys.com is sourced from various references, including books, online articles, websites, and publicly available materials. We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information but cannot guarantee the content’s accuracy, completeness, or reliability.

5. Imperfect Information

The information on LeanSmartToys.com may need to be revised. Educational toys and related topics continuously evolve, and discoveries may emerge. Therefore, the information on this website may require periodic updates.

The content on LeanSmartToys.com is not intended for legal purposes or use in a court of law. We do not offer legal advice; qualified professionals should address legal matters. Our website is not a substitute for professional advice or guidance.

7. User Responsibility

Users of LeanSmartToys.com are solely responsible for utilizing the information presented on this website. We are not liable for any actions based on the information provided here.

8. Changes to Disclaimer

We retain the right to modify or update this disclaimer without prior notice. Users are responsible for reviewing this disclaimer periodically to stay informed of any changes.

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Last updated: 12-10-2023

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